Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Today is Blog Action Day and though I am away at school, there are still ways which I can help the environment and I try to do as much as I can. Being at a large institution like a school, it is sometimes difficult to stay aware, but at the end of last month we did have a guest speaker - Gwynne Dyer, talking about some of the long term effects of climate change and how we need to change what we are doing now. He was very informative and even if not everyone who attended his lecture paid attention or cared about what he was saying - at least they heard it and the message was spread.

That is what is going on now, Blog Action Day is today and approximately twelve million blog readers will, if not participate, at least be exposed to the message about the environment - that we as the human race is harming this planet's environment. We need to do something about it too, this isn't a problem of the future, if we do not fix what we are doing - there won't be a future or at least it will be a very dismal one. Climate change and environmental awareness are subjects that should be branded into our brains and we have to realize the significance of what they mean.

Fall Updates
Malcolm and I are at school, lots of work and no free time so there are no updates on any projects at this time.