Monday, July 2, 2007

Hey Peoples!

So I'm chilling here, just a few feet away from Matt, who has been up for 22 hours straight, and he says he's posting to our blog. I was like "whoa! we have a blog!". I mean, he showed me at one point, but I had promptly forgotten all about it. So then I figured I should post something to here, because, after all, it is the "Stikmen Graphic Design Blog" and not the "Matt's Blog About Fun Things In Matt's Life" (no offense to Matt's life or any fun things therein) but anyway, here is my first blog post! Woohoo!

*waits for something exciting to happen*

Hmm... maybe not? oh well, Glenn's catering site is all shiny now, with some Ajax even! (if you want to reserve seats for a tasty dinner at an Art Gallery in our town of Parrsboro.)

So yeah, that's what I did last night... wait... this morning? Hmm....

-- Malcolm

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