Monday, July 2, 2007

Ghost in the Kitchen is Rockin!

Hello and a happy morning to everyone, Malcolm and I just finished updating the Ghost in the Kitchen website. Yes, I realize that it is only 7:46. Many people may wonder how we just finished updating so early in the morning and many people may ask - when did you guys get up? The fun answer to that question is that to wake up, we have to fall asleep first. After a solid six hours, the site is looking sweet. We added a new page - Current Events and added a form to submit dinner registrations. As well, I added a bunch of pics to the site, to try to show the quality of Glenn's meals and his expertise.

Now, as I am getting closer and closer to becoming legally intoxicated (24 hours straight) I am going to sit in my chair and laugh at random things that make me laugh... which is a lot at this moment.

Oh yea.... here is the site

Taadaa! Tacos Rule.

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