Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Status Update

Here is a status update for the month:

Current Projects:
  1. Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Ltd.
Current Updates:
  1. Ghost in the Kitchen
Upcoming Projects:
  1. Town of Parrsboro (Complete Revamp)
Backburner Projects:
  1. Stikmen Graphic Design (our own website)
  2. Folding@Home Team

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello World

So this is a blog... Welcome to this blog... does anyone actually welcome people to a blog... I don't know...

Right now we have no time to do anything, either with clients or our own site, which is hopelessly overdue. If we ever do get time, it will be spent on our clients.. so I am predicting that our site will never be finished, all though I do have some nice ideas for it, if it ever comes to pass.

I figure that, since a blog is already set up and requires very little maintenance, we might as well use it for news, as apposed to our site which is currently a very interesting splash image... as interesting as a splash image can be. It will be easier and give us a little more free time because it is already set up.

This is meant to be a resource for past and current clients who are interested in what is going on and to anyone else who may care.