Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Status Update

Exams, exams, exams oh my. It is almost Christmas break and with that comes.. gasp! Something called free time. Something which neither Malcolm nor I have experienced in so, so many weeks. Maybe we will finally get around to doing some updates and server maintenance that has been getting piled on top of everything else that we have to do academically.

We are still alive, barely at times but we're hanging in there. I'm hoping for some more updates soon, as we get back home for a restful and calming break.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Today is Blog Action Day and though I am away at school, there are still ways which I can help the environment and I try to do as much as I can. Being at a large institution like a school, it is sometimes difficult to stay aware, but at the end of last month we did have a guest speaker - Gwynne Dyer, talking about some of the long term effects of climate change and how we need to change what we are doing now. He was very informative and even if not everyone who attended his lecture paid attention or cared about what he was saying - at least they heard it and the message was spread.

That is what is going on now, Blog Action Day is today and approximately twelve million blog readers will, if not participate, at least be exposed to the message about the environment - that we as the human race is harming this planet's environment. We need to do something about it too, this isn't a problem of the future, if we do not fix what we are doing - there won't be a future or at least it will be a very dismal one. Climate change and environmental awareness are subjects that should be branded into our brains and we have to realize the significance of what they mean.

Fall Updates
Malcolm and I are at school, lots of work and no free time so there are no updates on any projects at this time.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Fresh Start to a New School Year

... well not really for Malcolm nor I, school will pretty much be the
same. But for the Town of Parrsboro, they should be quite impressed by their NEW, CUSTOM DESIGNED website!!!

SGD is proud to present the new Town of Parrsboro Website!

(and now Matt needs sleep!) =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have a site!

Yes an actual website, that is ours!

Also a small status update:
We are not doing Jennifer Harrison's site
We just got confirmation from the Town of Parrsboro and we are starting that today.

Other than that, Rayworth & Roberts is coming along nicely and we have had a couple small updates on Ghost in the Kitchen.

I expect we will have some more posts soon as we get some stuff online.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Status Update and Firefox Persuasion!

Status Update
We are quite literately very busy this summer, and this status update reflects some changes from the previous one in May: (Which is a good thing, it means we accomplished stuff!)

Current Projects:
  1. Our own site - Stikmen Graphic Design. (This is very liable to get shoved back down to Backburner Projects when our Upcoming Projects get underway.)
  2. Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Ltd.
Upcoming Projects:
  1. Jennifer Harrison, Photographer
  2. Town of Parrsboro (Complete Revamp)
Finished Projects:
  1. Ghost in the Kitchen, the update went very smoothly - we added two new pages: Current Events and Links. Using some PHP, we set up online booking and reservations for Glenn's dinners as well as Photo Gallery. The links page has links to other websites of interest in the Parrsboro / Minas Basin shore area. There still might be a few more little updates to do but for the most part- it is complete.
Firefox Persuasion
As Malcolm so subtly stated, yes, Internet Explorer is a problem - as displayed in this nice, fun pie chart. Which makes me laugh every time I look at it... because it is so true.Internet Explorer is a problem because not only does it not display PNG images properly, as Malcolm stated. Microsoft fixed the transparency issue - but not the gamma issue. It does not fully support CSS, which is necessary in this ever expanding Web 2.0 world. Many people do not even know that there are alternatives to Internet Explorer, to some, mostly the older generations - Internet Explorer is "The Internet". They use it because it is installed default on Windows computers and they don't know that they have a choice. Internet Explorer has many bugs and problems with it including the big problem that it is very susceptible to viruses and other attacks.

The alternative that I suggest to everyone is Firefox, a cross platform, highly customizable, open source browser that is currently being used by 14% of internet users. It is more secure and though the current version does not fully support CSS like IE, it does a much better job and the next version (Firefox 3 coming Fall, 2007) does.

Firefox is widely used and appreciated by web designers for its many features and support for "Open Standards" which IE lacks.

I suggest to every internet user to at least try Firefox. If you hate it that much, sure go back to IE, but I feel the advantages definitively out way the... wait a sec, there are no disadvantages.

So please give it a try. we have a link at the bottom-right of this page. Seriously, you will make your web designers happy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Internet Explorer! It doesn't support PNGs properly, meaning that Matthew and I and Graphic Designers everywhere have to go out of our way to use imperfect image formats that are compatible with IE.

Get Firefox, and do a favour to every Web Developer in the world.

This afternoon, though, I found a little javascript fix for this, but it's still no excuse for Microsoft to be lazy with their browser.


I think I may soon start boycotting the friends I have who use IE....

GitK Photo Update, amongst other things

Matthew and I updated Ghost in the Kitchen this evening, with a fancy new image gallery made with PHP... nice photos too...

Oh yeah, and I made my own personal blog! (yesterday haha)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hey Peoples!

So I'm chilling here, just a few feet away from Matt, who has been up for 22 hours straight, and he says he's posting to our blog. I was like "whoa! we have a blog!". I mean, he showed me at one point, but I had promptly forgotten all about it. So then I figured I should post something to here, because, after all, it is the "Stikmen Graphic Design Blog" and not the "Matt's Blog About Fun Things In Matt's Life" (no offense to Matt's life or any fun things therein) but anyway, here is my first blog post! Woohoo!

*waits for something exciting to happen*

Hmm... maybe not? oh well, Glenn's catering site is all shiny now, with some Ajax even! (if you want to reserve seats for a tasty dinner at an Art Gallery in our town of Parrsboro.)

So yeah, that's what I did last night... wait... this morning? Hmm....

-- Malcolm

Ghost in the Kitchen is Rockin!

Hello and a happy morning to everyone, Malcolm and I just finished updating the Ghost in the Kitchen website. Yes, I realize that it is only 7:46. Many people may wonder how we just finished updating so early in the morning and many people may ask - when did you guys get up? The fun answer to that question is that to wake up, we have to fall asleep first. After a solid six hours, the site is looking sweet. We added a new page - Current Events and added a form to submit dinner registrations. As well, I added a bunch of pics to the site, to try to show the quality of Glenn's meals and his expertise.

Now, as I am getting closer and closer to becoming legally intoxicated (24 hours straight) I am going to sit in my chair and laugh at random things that make me laugh... which is a lot at this moment.

Oh yea.... here is the site

Taadaa! Tacos Rule.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Status Update

Here is a status update for the month:

Current Projects:
  1. Rayworth & Roberts Surveys Ltd.
Current Updates:
  1. Ghost in the Kitchen
Upcoming Projects:
  1. Town of Parrsboro (Complete Revamp)
Backburner Projects:
  1. Stikmen Graphic Design (our own website)
  2. Folding@Home Team

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello World

So this is a blog... Welcome to this blog... does anyone actually welcome people to a blog... I don't know...

Right now we have no time to do anything, either with clients or our own site, which is hopelessly overdue. If we ever do get time, it will be spent on our clients.. so I am predicting that our site will never be finished, all though I do have some nice ideas for it, if it ever comes to pass.

I figure that, since a blog is already set up and requires very little maintenance, we might as well use it for news, as apposed to our site which is currently a very interesting splash image... as interesting as a splash image can be. It will be easier and give us a little more free time because it is already set up.

This is meant to be a resource for past and current clients who are interested in what is going on and to anyone else who may care.